Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2 Sunday

Today we began with a circle of men sharing with unusual vulnerability their personal path of grieving during the past 8 months. Interspersed with the sharing were songs of praise, times of prayer and discussion of hope & faith. We learned that the Hebrew word for work is the same as the word for worship....insightful as our work on the treehouse is to worship Jesus Christ....who Jon loved. Matt recalled one of his favorites quotes from Jon...."I love Jesus but I hate all the bulls***"

Then we had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of El Salvador as we traveled to the rim of a dormant (since 1917) volcano and a delicious meal at an overlook with a view all the way to Honduras. Next a stop at the local vege/fruit market and then POPS premium ice cream (not quite PSU Creamery but good). Back to the mission house where some on the team allowed some local teens to kick their butt in basketball at the park next door. Tomorrow the work (worship) to remember Jon begins in earnest.

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