Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 3 Monday

Today we began again with a time of sharing, prayer and song....and again I was brought to tears to hear Mike share his journey these past 8 months. Left promptly at 8am and arrived on site with all our tools. After arriving we stood in a circle and prayed for the project to bring honor to God, for safety and for his blessing. Then I read a card written by Debby to the team....not many dry eyes when I finished.

Ben adapted his design on the only someone of his amazing talent could....with great input from others on the team. Once the special stainless steel bracket was sunk into the the treetrunk, the initial crosspiece was mounted and it was on to the 16 foot posts. We were blessed by no surprise visits from OSHA, as there were a few interesting times of perching on ladders that were unlikely to have passed their regs. After holes dug, posts plumbed the second main crosspiece was placed and the initial "box" for the deck was completed. The view from this deck will be it is nearly 14 feet off the ground. The kind of height Jon would love for a treehouse. Matt McKinney got out the climbing holds...they are incredible....and he began in earnest the design of the climbing wall. He & Ben began discussing the eventual placing of the wall and how to best anchor it to the treehouse. Home around 6 pm tired, sunburnt, a little ant bit, very dusty but feeling such joy & peace.

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