Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday - Treehouse Completed

Today we began with Arion sharing his journey over the past 8 months....again team members were brought to tears. Out to the worksite to complete the railing, build a gate for the top of the climbing wall that can be removed when kids are on the wall, ladder sanded, & hand holds mounted to the climbing wall with each member of the team attaching at least one of the holds in place.

Half the team painted the chapel (inside and out) and returned to help clean up the worksite in anticipation of the children coming tomorrow to play and enjoy. We also put up the rope which will have a tire attached tomorrow. Mounted the board onto the tree that will have the plaque.

A common feeling amongst the team was that we wished we weren't finished as we all have so much enjoyed the time working together, sharing together, telling Jon stories together and just plain having fun.

Tomorrow we will have time to go to the artisan's market, lunch at the black sand Pacific beach and then back to La Finca to play with the children. God has blessed this trip amazingly and we have felt all the prayers from home.

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