Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the Jon Read Treehouse project

Welcome to the blogspot for the Jon Read Memorial Treehouse construction project. It has been 8 months since Jon left us to be with Jesus in paradise and the team misses him terribly as many of you do too.

Here is portion of a quote on Jon’s Facebook profile page, “the world can make us wealthy and can take away, so i hold nothing.“ Undoubtedly Jon was speaking of this world’s material wealth, not what truly makes us wealthy in this world – our relationships. This broken world can never take away our relationships, because they are eternal for all who find their hope in Christ. “God created people for relationships—and that we find our deepest fulfillment in relationship with Him, and in living a life rich in self-giving, not self-satisfying relationships.”

As we construct the treehouse for the children of La Casa de mi Padre we will share pictures and some of our thoughts on this site. We will be challenging each other to be self-giving, not self-satisfying and we want to challenge each of you to focus your lives in the same way.


  1. I pray for a safe trip down and back and that Jesus will be lifted as you lift the tree house! :)


  2. I pray that you will feel God's presence and comfort as you work together in Jon's memory.


  3. What a beautiful location for a treehouse to be built in honor of Jon!

  4. In our thoughts and prayers as this treehouse is built in remembrance of a selfless giver.

    Eric and Autum