Monday, March 15, 2010

A memorable week!

Well, I guess a post is better late than never. At least I hope so. I too would like to echo other sentiments in this blog and say that I truly appreciated and enjoyed working with these other men on the tree house. It was a memorable week. I won't forget it.
  • Jon . . . your life was remembered and honored many times during the week. May the children of La Casa de mi Padre continue to honor your life as they enjoy this tree house and climbing wall for many years to come.
  • Ed, you're a great dad and a great friend! Thanks for allowing me to be a part.
  • Ben, Arion, Matt M., Ken, Joe, Mike, Dan, Steve and Matt M. . . . I was so moved by how God knit us together as a team this past week. I enjoyed getting to know each of you (or know you better) and really enjoyed our sharing times in the mornings.
  • Gary, Sharon, Wilfredo, and Kurt . . . thanks for driving us around, feeding us, and generally supporting us in many ways. I look forward to seeing how God builds "the farm" in the years to come.
  • To the staff at La Casa . . . you are doing a great work in San Salvador. You don't get to come for a week and then leave. You are loving those children 24 hours a day, every day. May you be blessed for it. I know the kids are blessed for having you there to help them heal, and to learn to love God and love life.

Adios! Alabado sea Dios!

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