Friday, March 12, 2010

Heading home

I head home tomorrow to Colorado. This has been an amazing week. It was a such a joy to see kids running around all over the treehouse today. I've gained a lot of respect for the men on this trip. Sharing in such a simple, purposeful week has been a real blessing. Such a fitting way to celebrate Jon. Thanks to all those folks who made this trip possible.

Ed I hope you have a great fruitful week conducting health clinics and continuing to serve at La Casa. Your courage, humility, and leadership is inspiring. Ben you're a good boss. I'd work for you. Matt, Joe, and Mike. Killer climbing wall. Those kids loved it. Dan, that's the best ladder I've ever seen built for a tree house out of uneeven 2x4s. Dean, you play an old guitar that never stays in tune and sounded like a pro. Steve, your push-ups are legit. Matt, super glad you came. Orion, the photos rock. Take care fellas...

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