Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 4: Construction completed!

Day 4's construction on the tree house saw its completion. We started off by shooting a rope over a high branch for the future tire swing. Steve was the the first to test the rope, and the whole tree house moved several feet - requiring us to make major repairs before continuing on (just kidding!) Once that hurdle was passed, we moved on to finishing the railings and installing the rock climbing wall. Each member of the team installed a climbing hold on the wall so we all had a part in it. Later in the day, part of the group splintered off to paint the outside of the chapel on the farm. You can check out all the photos from today here.

Tomorrow the children from the orphanage will come to play on the tree house for the first time. It will be a blessing to see how this project will honor Jon by providing so much joy and happiness for the children.

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