Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday began with Ben sharing his spiritual journey with honesty, candor and vulnerability rarely seen amongst men. Dean taught us a new song and we were off to Day 3 of construction. All the flooring was placed, the railing is 75% done, the ladder is complete & attached and the climbing wall has is boarded & holes drilled for hand holds.

This is such an awesome time of laughing, good natured teasing and hard work. Our "boss" (Ben) continues to amaze us all with his vision of the final product and he keeps us from losing too many drill parts and tools. We have learned to make due as the "Home Depot" is not just a few miles away...and does not have a supply of "everything".

This evening we had our meal "out" together at a local Italian restaurant. More than a few laughs as we tried to order from a totally Spanish language menu with a waiter who was not bilingual. Ben had a tough time trying to order his steak "well done" so the best we could do as a group effort was to ask for it "three quarters". Thankfully it was cooked to perfection.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we should complete the treehouse & hang the tire swing plus a small group of us will spruce up the chapel with a new coat of paint. Many times throughout the day I can sense Jon nearby smiling. Thanks for all the prayers for us.

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